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What do the news say about my work

Since August 13th, the photography exhibition “Naturezas Mortas Mercado Vivo”, by Thomaz Sardinha – one of the photographers represented in the allusive collective exhibition to the commemorations of the 2nd anniversary of the inscription of the Royal Building of Mafra as UNESCO Heritage, on display at Terreiro D. João V –, has been open to the public at the Ericeira Municipal Market.

Thomaz Sardinha’s exhibition, which can be visited at least until the end of 2021, presents a set of still lifes created from products purchased by the author on the market – photographed and digitally treated, resulting in a set of images of a classical and almost bucolic character, referring to the 17th century art and the painting of Caravaggio.

"the exhibition features a set of still lifes created from products purchased by the author"

The artist wrote that he was “very excited to present a collection of Still Life at Ericeira’s Municipal Market”.

The permanent exhibition is an initiative of the Municipality of Mafra and aims to promote the Municipal Market and also local products and cuisine, combining several artistic expressions.

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